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"When I donate, what is the money used for? "

We are passionate about our mission to educate the public about Dr. Joseph Warren's contributions & achievements for the cause of American independence. This Foundation is dedicated to honoring the legacy, sacrifice & contribution of America's Founding Martyr.

Donations are used for: 

* Scholarships - Dr. Joseph Warren Foundation Scholarship for college students studying Early Colonial American History

* Research

* Sponsoring an annual Dr. Joseph Warren Symposium featuring scholars, authors & historians

* Writing, creating & distributing curriculum of early American Revolutionary History

* Raising funds for a documentary on Warren & all he contributed to our struggle for freedom

* Helping struggling communities named after Warren

* As the 250th commemorations approach over the next few years, the Dr. Joseph Warren Foundation will be hosting & supporting a number of celebratory events. 

We will continue to update this site and social media with new information.

Anyone who donates $100 or more will receive an author signed, hardcover copy of  "Founding Martyr . . . "