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We are in the midst of an important and exciting time in the history of our nation. Many of

us well remember the bicentennial in 1976, others not so much, while some not at all. The

coming semiquincentennial events, for many of us, will be the last time we witness such a

celebratory spirit coursing throughout the country. We have a small window to make the most

of these anniversaries as the hourglass dwindles and the curtain closes until the tricentennial

fifty years from now. 

We are hard at work planning commemorative events to celebrate the forthcoming 250 anniversaries that helped to shape our nation. After holding a number of events throughout Massachusetts to celebrate Dr. Joseph Warren's first Boston Massacre Oration in March 2022, we started to plan for the next big event, "The Destruction of the Tea." Dr. Warren was one of the main characters responsible for planning what has come to be called, "The Boston Tea Party." As the Grand Master of Ancient Scottish Rite Masons and his standing within several organizations that fell under "The Sons of Liberty" umbrella, Warren held a number of meetings within his political, social, and Masonic circles, which pushed the event to the brink of rebellion. 

Although history has forgotten his crucial role, Warren was a main organizer and planner of the Destruction of the Tea. The Foundation is currently working on new research regarding Warren's pivotal role and influence within the event. We are also working in tandem with the Massachusetts Freemasons, and a number of other Boston organizations to help commemorate and celebrate this iconic event in December. 

We are also committed to ensuring that a Tea Party commemorative plaque be placed at his gravesite at Forest Hills Cemetery. Our friends at Revolution250 and the Boston Tea Party Ships & Museums have been hard at work placing such markers at the graves of Tea Party participants both across the U.S.A. and in Europe. To learn more or to get involved contact us and we would be happy to share the forthcoming plans and events set to take place between. December 15-17, 2023. 

So mark your calendars and get ready for a revolution!

Here are a few pictures from the events commemorating the 250th anniversary of Dr. Warren's First Boston Massacre Oration.

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