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We are in the midst of an important and exciting time in the history of our nation. Many of

us well remember the bicentennial in 1976, others not so much, while some not at all. The

coming semiquincentennial events, for many of us, will be the last time we witness such a

celebratory spirit coursing throughout the country. We have a small window to make the most

of these anniversaries as the hourglass dwindles and the curtain closes until the tricentennial

fifty years from now. 

Although history has forgotten Warren's crucial role in many of  these revolutionary events, we are working hard to help bring his legacy back and celebrate all that was accomplished. Stay tuned as we share plans and pictures of these events. 

So mark your calendars and get ready for a revolution!

250th Anniversary of the Boston Tea Party

Two hundred fifty years ago Dr. Joseph Warren and

Samuel Adams orchestrated what would become one

of the most iconic events in American history. On the

night of December 16, 1773, approximately one

hundred patriots destroyed 342 chests of tea in

Boston Harbor. On November 22, 2023, the Grand

Lodge, in partnership with the Boston Tea Party

Ships and Museum, dedicated an "Architect of the

Boston Tea Party" grave marker by the Grand Master

and Sarah Hamilton, Warren's 7th Great Grand-

daughter, at the final resting place of Dr. Joseph

Warren in Forest Hills Cemetery. Following placing

the marker, the procession ushered into the chapel

for speeches from Evan O' Brien of the Boston Tea

Party Ships and Museum, Jonathan Lane of REV250,

and the Grand Master, who delivered a moving

speech about Warren's participation and meaningful legacy. Thanks to the dedication of the Dr. Joseph Warren Foundation, Grand Lodge and the 250th Commemoration Committee, Dr. Warren will be remembered for his dedication to the cause of liberty for many years to come. 

250th Anniversary of the 1772 Boston Massacre Oration

Here are a few pictures from the events commemorating the 250th anniversary of Dr. Warren's First Boston Massacre Oration.

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