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Christian Di Spigna spent twenty-plus years researching the life & death of Dr. Warren. Marcia Stoetzel generously helped Christian throughout the Warren project with her research & genealogy expertise. She is continuing to assist the Foundation & for a donation of $100 to the Foundation, Marcia will help with 2-3 hours of historical or genealogy research. When making the donation please put in the "notes" that you would like research help and make sure that we have your contact information. 



Christian Di Spigna's book, Founding Martyr: The Life and Death of Dr. Joseph Warren, the American Revolution's Lost Hero, greatly inspired me.  Having fallen in love with Dr. Warren through Esther Forbes' book, Johnny Tremain, throughout my years as a reader and as an English and History teacher, I am in the process of writing the sequel.  In the 2 1/2 years since I met Christian at a lecture on his book, he has created The Dr. Joseph Warren Foundation.  Among the founding members is Marcia Stoetzel an excellent historical researcher and genealogist.  She was an invaluable resource to Christian's 20-year research for his book and is now helping me with my sequel.  Her wealth of knowledge and ability to sleuth information is significant.  Our first phone conversation was so convivial and over an hour!  She is prompt in responding to requests and innovative in proffering suggestions.  

     The enthusiasm and support I have from DJWF are most reassuring.  While my book is historical fiction, I do want accuracy with the real, historical characters.  I am immensely grateful to The Foundation for their support and delighted to be in the company of like-minded, passionate advocates of historical truth.

Elisabeth Crawford

I recently started digging into my family history and came across a potential link to Dr. Joseph Warren. Upon further research, I found this website and foundation dedicated to his descendants so I emailed asking if they could help me. Marcia responded quickly that she could help, and much to my surprise, she was able to trace the side in question back a couple hundred of years earlier than I could! While there is not a link to Dr. Joseph Warren after all, what she did find was fascinating and a total joy to learn about. I am so grateful for her and the Foundation's help!

Lisa Kayvon

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