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All Rise

For well over a century various scholars and historians have asserted that Dr. Joseph Warren’s direct bloodline died out at some point in the late 19th century, citing continuous generations of Warren descendants via Joseph’s brothers, Ebenezer and John. However Joseph Warren’s direct bloodline never died out. Of his four surviving children, Joseph Warren’s youngest daughter, Mary “Polly” Warren, had a child who survived into adulthood. On October 16, 1797, Mary married Mr. Lyman of Northampton. The marriage produced no surviving children and in 1802 Lyman died. Mary remarried a Judge Richard English Newcomb of Greenfield, Massachusetts. Judge Newcomb had been through his own heartbreak. His first wife and two of their young children had died within a month of each other during a grisly dysentery outbreak. Yet, Mary gave birth to a son in 1804 that the couple named, Joseph Warren Newcomb.

All Dr. Joseph Warren's direct descendants owe their lineage to this only surviving child . . .

whose son (Mary’s grandson) married Israel Putnam's granddaughter joining the patriot bloodlines of Bunker Hill fame. Mary Warren died of consumption on February 7, 1826 and was laid to rest in Greenfield’s, Federal Street Cemetery. Judge Newcomb survived his wife by more than 20 years. In 1833 a visitor to Judge Newcomb’s home noted that in his parlor

hung two paintings—Dr. Joseph Warren by Copley and Elizabeth Hooton Warren by Henry Pelham, which Mary Warren had inherited. The Judge passed away in 1849 and his son, Joseph Warren Newcomb—Dr. Joseph Warren’s only surviving grandchild—died in 1870.

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