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Teaching the Next Generation

A mantra of Colonial Williamsburg is, "That the future may learn from the past." One of the missions of the Dr. Joseph Warren Foundation is to help educate the nation's future generations. With every passing generation, progress has been achieved in one form or another. We can find inspiration and strength from our predecessors. The DJWF is committed to investing in the next generations of rising stars in a number of ways such as helping High School seniors pay for College through our scholarship program and by providing students access to a number of valuable educational resources.

With the name Gabriel Joseph Warren, Dr. Joseph Warren's name stood out among the list of 50 historical people.

Recently, a family in Philadelphia reached out and asked if they could speak with us about Dr. Joseph Warren. Gabriel Joseph Warren, the youngest boy in their family, had picked Dr. Joseph Warren, from a list of 50 historical people in American history, as the subject of his 5th grade history project. Sydney, Gabriel's grandmother, called the Foundation and both she and Gabriel spoke with us for nearly an hour, asking questions about Dr. Warren and his involvement in the revolutionary movement. Gabriel's curiosity and desire to learn more about Dr. Warren fueled his hard work. We are proud of Gabriel and we are pleased to share these images of his completed project.

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